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On Sunday,  June 12th 2016,  West Edmonton Christian Assembly’s new missional initiative and first multisite campus was announced to its congregation. Through a process of prayerful discussion and negotiation we agreed to sign a five-year lease in West Edmonton Mall for the new “WECA Chapel” allowing our church to join the over 800 stores and services that comprise the largest shopping mall in North America.

It is not a retail store, restaurant or entertainment venue; but rather, we provide a place, presence and programs that address the deepest and most significant realities of human life.

When we see the WECA Chapel, we see a venue where the hopeless can find hope, the lost can find a way and the hurting can find healing. We see a campus in the heart of the mall where the lonely can find community and the discouraged can find encouragement. We see a safe place where the confused can find clarity and those who are spiritually seeking can find a meaningful connection and relationship with a God who loves them more than they could ever fully know.

When we see the WECA Chapel, we see an opportunity for the church to step out in faith, step up to the challenge and step into what God is calling us to do.

Will you consider walking with us?


How you can get involved:

In order to see the WECA Chapel reach its full redemptive potential in all its various facets, God’s divine enablement and influence is not only needed but also essential.  Please consider praying for us regularly. Pray that God will work through the staff and volunteers to touch the lives of those who frequent the space. Pray for the different ministries and programs that are facilitated in and through this venue. Pray that God would be glorified and people would be forever impacted both across our city and around the globe by the works done through the Chapel.
If you would like a list of specific prayer needs or organized corporate prayer times, please email us at chapel@weca.com.

In order to see the WECA Chapel reach its full redemptive potential in all its various facets, people are needed to serve as volunteers and representatives of God. There are many opportunities for volunteers to serve and support the ministry that is facilitated in and through the Chapel.  Whether it’s serving as a host at the reception desk, answering phone calls, talking with and praying with seekers, serving in a program, or supporting through intercessory prayer, your involvement is welcomed and needed.
If you would like some information on the different ways that you or your family can get involved as a volunteer at the chapel, please email us at chapel@weca.com.

In order to see the WECA Chapel reach its full redemptive potential in all its various facets, adequate and sustainable financing is required over these five years. The total five year budget for the Chapel (including renovation and operating costs) is 1.35 million. We recognize that this is a great deal of money but we also recognize the ministry potential, opportunity and exposure of placing a Christian Chapel in the largest shopping center in North America.
Will you consider partnering with us financially?

Visit wecachapel.com for more information.

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