Together Conference – Leading Well
May 1 – Pre-conference Workshops



Friday, May 1
Pre-conference Workshops

9:00am to 4:00pm
$35 earlybird          $45 after March 31

Choose from one of three amazing sessions:

How We LoveMilan & Kay Yerkovich
Stoplight ApproachCherilyn Orr
TBRI: Tools for the TradeIngrid Rust



How We Love
(Milan & Kay Yerkovich)

Most couples can describe their core pattern; a repetitive, reactive interchange that happens over and over. These cycles are created as each spouse’s attachment injuries collide in marriage. Milan and Kay help couples define the attachment wounds and recognize the core pattern as the enemy, not each other. Breaking out of the core pattern and moving toward a secure connection is the goal of their innovative approach.

Stoplight Approach
(Cherilyn Orr & Melissa Strike)

The Stoplight Approach is an approach to life for everyone, and specifically effective for those caring for vulnerable children, those with adverse childhood experiences, and children with special needs. Stoplight is designed to foster environments that connect people, create caring communities, and give hope for a kinder world. Before we can make that future a reality, we need to first understand how the human brain works and realize how this can impact our own lives and the lives of those around us.

T.B.R.I. Tools for the Trade
(Ingrid Rust)

Children from hard places have unique histories and therefore we need unique tools to help bring healing. Trust-Based Relational Intervention is a holistic, attachment based, evidence based, and trauma informed intervention designed to meet the complex needs of vulnerable children. During this overview, we will cover practical tools that attend to physical and attachment needs while addressing fear-based behaviours.


Speaker Bios

Milan and Kay Yerkovich

Specialize in couples’ marriage counseling and are the founders of Relationship 180, a Christian counseling center specializing in the application of attachment research ( They co-authored ‘How We Love’ and ‘How We Love Our Kids’, and they travel and speak extensively on relationships (

Cherilyn Orr

Has given her life to working with hurting children. She has lived and worked with children in Africa, Europe, and North America. She has a special interest in the research and implementation of attachment theory practices and brain science, as it applied to behaviour. As a consultant, Cherilyn trains teachers and parents/caregivers to build resiliency in children. As an adjunct professor at Vanguard College, she teaches on working with at risk children. Cherilyn lives in Greece with her husband Mark and their seven children, four of whom joined their family through local adoption in Canada.

Melissa Strike

And her family live in St Albert, Alberta. They are the proud parents of seven amazing kids: two bio daughters and five adopted. Melissa has been involved in The Stoplight Approach since 2016 when she met Cherilyn Orr at Vanguard College. She is the certified trainer for Alberta and Manitoba and helps with resource development. Since becoming a ‘Stoplight Home’ both her and Chris have seen significant change and growth in their kids.

Ingrid Rust

Has been married to Murray for almost 29 years. They have six children, three in-laws, and one grandbaby. Their journey has included kinship care, foster care and adoption. Ingrid has worked as a pastor at West Edmonton Christian Assembly for the past 20 years in the areas of children, family, and marriage ministries. She and Murray have taught Empowered to Connect for 5 years and Ingrid is a T.B.R.I. Practitioner. More recently she has worked with Edmonton Public Schools to help teachers understand the face of trauma and how to connect with their students using T.B.R.I. to create environments of safety and learning.