WECA Cares

At WECA we desire to walk along side you and provide support in all areas of your life—spiritual, emotional and physical. Helping you navigate life, no matter the circumstance. We all go through challenging circumstances, transitions, relational pain, and difficult seasons of life. At some time or another, everyone needs a little help.


Help starts here.

WECA’s pastors are ready to speak with you or answer your questions. They will hear your story, pray with you, and help you choose practical next steps, whatever your circumstance or situation.
WECA’s pastors can help you with:

  • Spiritual questions
  • Prayer needs
  • Benevolence
  • Marital crisis or marriage next steps
  • Relational conflict or guidance
  • Referral for Christian counselors in your area
  • Referrals to Financial Counseling
  • Recommendations for a helpful class or workshop
  • Planning a funeral
  • Someone to talk with about my situation

How do I connect with a pastor?

Email a Pastor through the Staff Directory or call 780 489-2579.


WECA “Care” Ministries

Men In Action is a ministry built of volunteers offering handy work to anyone in need of assistance. For example, maybe you’re a single mom that has a cupboard door that needs fixing.

If your ‘heart’ is in need of healing, Holy Spirit led inner healing and/or deliverance is available through prayer counseling. To volunteer or to express your need please contact the church office at 780-489-2579.



At WECA, we want to journey with you in times of grief and loss, sickness, crisis and challenge. Our visitation team is made up of staff and trained volunteers who are people of compassion and faith that want to be with you on your journey. They want to share your pain and pray with you.
If you would like a visit (at the hospital, by phone or at home), please let us know by contacting the church office at 780-489-2579 ext.251.


WECA Support & Recovery Ministries

Each one of us has hurts, habits, and hang-ups. WECA offers Christ-centered, Holy Spirit directed healing ministries. Freedom In Christ runs two sessions per year, and prayer counseling appointments are available with ministry people who have been trained in SOZO and other prayer tools.


Grief / Loss

At WECA we have many volunteers to support you in the grieving process.

Grief Share – Your Journey From Mourning To Joy

Are you grieving the loss of someone you love? It may have been recently or it may have been years ago. Maybe you don’t even know where or how to grieve. There is a place for you. GriefShare is that place. What makes GriefShare exceptional is its leaders who themselves have experienced loss and are now walking along with others on their journey. The feedback from those who have added GriefShare to their journey has been one of hope and strength. Most say that they were so surprised at how much GriefShare helped them.
GriefShare and Youth/Young Adult Griefshare are weekly-facilitated support groups for people who are grieving the death of someone close to them. It’s a place where you can be around people who empathize with how you feel and the pain of your loss. At GriefShare, you’ll learn valuable information that will help you through this difficult time of your life. Each week there is a DVD with ‘real’ people who have experienced loss who share their stories and provide meaningful ways to cope and heal. The other part of the group is facilitated sharing. The leaders will pray with you and for you. They will assist you in connecting with God as He is your true source of healing.

To attend or for more information email Linda Chrzanecki.

Adult Griefshare: Winter 2020


Counseling Services

WECA provides supportive short-term counseling or can make a referral. We also have an onsite counselor, Wendy Ryden.


Community Resources

A quick way to find help is to call 211 or click here to connect with the Support Network of Edmonton.

If you are a single parent then please check out Families Living Well. They provide programs for single parents and their children. They have single parent support groups that meet twice per month. Community kitchens; programs for children called Kid’s Zone; Family Fit which recreational and special events.  (info@familieslivingwellsociety.ca, 780-446-1275). Kids on Track offers many programs for families and children.
Starfish Family Resources is a resource for those who are experiencing family transitions such as separation, divorce or death (info@starfishfamilyresources.org)
The City of Edmonton provides community support. The west end office is located at 10030-167 Street or go to www.edmonton.ca and check out neighbourhood and community development community services.




Care in the Community

WECA’s desire is to build bridges into the community. A few ways we do this is by reaching out and developing partnerships with various people groups and agencies such as drop-in centers, prisons, schools, social agencies, etc.


Jasper Place Health and Wellness Centre (JPHAWC)

WECA supports JPHAWC which is a drop-in center on Stony Plain road. WECA also supports their Housing First initiative. This initiative is part of the City of Edmonton’s 10 year plan to end homelessness.
There are a number of ways to get involved. Every 2nd Thursday evening there is a group that meets to discuss homelessness and poverty in the west end of Edmonton, there are volunteer opportunities at JPHAWC, for Housing 1st, The Mustard Seed, Hope Mission, for the Welcome Home initiative and countless other programs.


ADEARA (formally Edmonton Dream Centre)

WECA supports Adeara through many different avenues. If you would like to get involved in this ministry or would like to learn more visit their website.


Pregnancy Care Centre

The Pregnancy Care Centre is one of the non-profit agencies that WECA supports. It is a safe, non-judgemental place you can go if you are feeling fear and confusion.
It is always fun to have an “un-baby” shower where the ladies get together and bring baby items as if you were having a real baby shower for someone instead the items are donated to the PCC. Norah would love to speak at the baby shower and she can pick up the baby gifts that night. If you would like more information please call.
Tel: (780) 424-2624
Toll Free: 1-877-424-2685
Visit their website


The Abortion Recovery Centre

Millions of women silently carry the pain and secret of their past abortion and many are sitting in the church. They are your mothers, your sisters, your friends, they may even be you. There is hope, there is healing, there is freedom. God desires to heal all of His children from their past and set them on a course toward the abundant life He has planned for them. The Abortion Recovery Centre is a safe and confidential place to share your journey. Come and experience all that God has for you! Please contact the Abortion Recovery Centre at 780.454.5911 or info@abortionrecovery.ca. All inquiries are confidential.
For more information contact Karen and check out their website.