Multicultural Ministries is a new ministry area being birthed in our church. In Canada, we are so rich! We’re rich in cultural diversity, rich in spiritual heritage and rich in our Lord Jesus Christ. One of the Core Values of our Assembly is “we value people.”  This ministry was created to be intentional: to make sure we value all people and that all people are welcomed, respected, listened to and included in ministry and leadership.

Our Purpose For Multicultural Ministries:

To celebrate our diversity and unity in the Lord
To encourage one another in faith and love
To develop respectful and supportive relationships
To build partnerships to reach others for Christ

Revelation 5:7 There is a multitude worshiping around the Throne of God. They’re singing: “Jesus. You are worthy, O Lord, for You were slain: You died and You have redeemed us, purchased us for God, with Your Own Precious Blood out of every tribe, language, people and nation..

This is a small glimpse of Heaven and it’s our heart’s desire to reflect this same diversity and unity in our Assembly, in our City, and in our Country.

The Bible encourages us to become “workers together with Christ” to make disciples of all nations. All of us working together, growing together and reaching out together to share the love of God with people who don’t know Jesus. All of us … from every tribe, language, people and nation … together. This is the heart of God!

 Getting Involved

We are “one in Christ” so that makes us family! We need to get to know one another better so we can truly appreciate and understand each other. So we can learn to embrace our differences and embrace our unity. Here are some opportunities for getting involved.

 We have some Life Group options:

  1.  A Group that studies the Bible in my language or are from my country
  2.  A Group that studies the Bible and practices English
  3.  A Group that is from many nations and studies the Bible in English
  4.  A Group that is mostly “Canadian”
  5.  A Prayer Group

 Other options to become involved in this ministry:

  1. I’m interested in becoming a Life Group Leader.
  2. I’m interested in helping with ALPHA ESL (The ALPHA Course for people who are still learning English)
  3. I’m interested in serving on a Team to discuss Multicultural concerns: how we can minister more effectively to people from other cultures / nations & how the church can be more welcoming & inclusive.
  4. I’m interesting in helping to plan Multicultural events.


For more info or to become involved contact Pastor Jane Solbrekken (, 780-489-2579 ex. 248)