Marriage is more about right practices than right people. At WECA we desire to help you grow in areas like patience, forgiveness, communication, passion, friendship, commitment, tenderness, kindness, humility and respect. Neglecting these practices causes marital breakdown, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Cultivating an environment of humility, love and commitment is possible and we want to help you.

Pre-Marriage Course

Planning a wedding? WECA wants to help you start your marriage on a firm foundation. We offer a Pre-Marriage Counselling course three times per year with the following group session topics:

Introduction, Communication, His Needs/Her Needs, Money Matters, Sexual Intimacy and Spiritual Intimacy.

Please email Celeste Klassen for more information.


Marriage 911

It’s over! I’m done! I don’t love you anymore! I want a divorce! These words should never be said in the context of a Christian marriage, but we understand that sometimes life can be hard and marriage can be difficult. In those times, we often need to be reminded that God is in control and with God all things are possible, including a covenant marriage.

Marriage 911 is a safe place for marriages in distress or severe crisis. Whether you are alone in the fight for your marriage or are battling the enemy as a couple, Marriage 911 is for you. Hope for your marriage harmony for your home.

Contact and someone will get back to you as soon as possible to set up an appointment for critical care counselling.


WECA Biblical Marriage Counselling

Churches around the world are realizing that there is an answer to a serious problem—the breakdown of the family. Homes are being reunited, marriages are being restored, and children are being spared the terrible ravages of divorce.  WECA has trained ‘Certified Marriage Specialist’ couples to mentor other couples in need based on what the Bible has to say about marriage.

If your marriage is in need of counselling please contact to set up an appointment and someone will contact you as soon as possible.


Dynamic Marriage

We are excited to be offering the Dynamic Marriage course at WECA. Watch for upcoming dates under the Registration page.

This nine week interactive course is designed for couples who would describe their marriages as okay to outstanding and are looking to make them even better. It is a transformational course which will address nagging or persistent issues and promises to provide tools to enrich your marriage and move your relationship to a deeper level.

Based on the “Love Bank” model from the book, “His Needs, Her Needs” by Dr. Willard Harley, you’ll learn how communication and behaviour styles affect the way you and your spouse act and react to each other.

Contact for more information on upcoming courses.

“I feel so much more bonded
and secure with my husband and
our marriage ˇ It’s obvious that
all marriages could use a class
like this.” –Shannon, MD