What is a Life Group?

A Life Group is a gathering of people who meet regularly to encourage and support each other and participate in common activities.

Why should I join a Life Group?

In a large church like WECA a Life Group provides an opportunity to build friendships, find like minded individuals, and grow in your spiritual life. You will find that taking a break from the busy demands of life to invest in your relationship with God and others will be richly rewarding.

When do life groups meet?

Life groups generally meet throughout the year often beginning new topics each season and only meeting informally over the Christmas and summer season. Life Groups may meet weekly or every other week.

Which group should I join?

You may choose to join a group based on your gender, stage of life, a study topic, location or special interest. They have a wide range of focuses – from prayer to sports, to a study of Biblical foundations, a popular Christian book, a parenting, marriage or money management topic.

Find a Life Group

Use MY WECA to find a Life Group exactly for you!  The tool lets you search by area of town, interests and time of day to find a perfect fit for your schedule and needs.

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