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From Sunday worship services to midweek programs WECA offers a wide range of options for people of all ages. In all that we do, we strive to be a community that transforms lives closer to Christ.


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Friends & Company Event February 29

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Friends and Company is the name for our women’s connection events.  Each year we plan 3 or 4 events for women ages 18 and up to come and bring a friend or family member.  It’s a place for women to connect, escape the busyness of life and have a great evening or morning out.   We  feature speakers who share inspiring life stories, showcase their talents and explore topics relevant to women.  Our events include beautiful decorating,  great food, some laughs, door prizes and fun.

What’s your biggest fear? Do you run from it ? Or face it with courage? Join us on February 29th at 7 p.m. as we explore the Fear Factor.

Tickets are $5 per person and can be purchased online until February 28 at noon or weekdays at the church office.

This Friends & Company event is for women 16 years and older. It is a perfect opportunity to bring along a neighbour, friend or co-worker . Each evening includes time for women to connect, an inspiring speaker and dessert.


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Promise Keepers Canada Event March 11-12

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Every man wants to know his life counts for something. He wants to know that there is a greater purpose and plan than the everyday routines and trials he experiences. The world teaches that a greater life is experienced through what you own, achieve, and experience. God teaches that greatness begins and ends with Him, and that by His grace, He invites and empowers us to a “Greater” life.

“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” 2 Corinthians 12:9

Join us March 11, 2016 to March 12, 2016 here at West Edmonton Christian Assembly. Register online at Promise Keepers Canada.


Promise Keepers Canada

The Alpha Course February 17-April 27

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Got questions?  Want to explore life and the Christian faith in a friendly, open, and informal environment?  A series of talks, such as:  ‘Who is Jesus?’, ‘Why and how do I pray?’ “Does God Heal today,” and many others are followed by discussion in small groups where no question is out of bounds and you are free to discuss as much or as little as you wish. We don’t assume any background knowledge of or belief in Christianity and everyone is welcome.
The Alpha Course runs Wednesday evenings for ten weeks starting with the Intro Night February 17th (supper provided at 6:30 p.m.). There is an option of a weekend away.  You don’t have to come to the whole course – pop in for the first night and see what you think. No pressure.

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Hope + Healing Sunday Night Modular March 6 – April 24

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Hope + Healing
For your spirit, mind, emotions and body

Sunday, March 6 – April 24 at 6 p.m.
For more information contact Pastor Jane R. Solbrekken (janes@weca.com)
Hope + Healing is a 7 week Course designed to bring supernatural health and healing to your spirit, mind, emotions and body through in-depth teaching of God’s Word and prayer ministry.   It will be a time of discovering and receiving God’s Love and understanding the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross to redeem you from all manner of pain, sickness and disease in every part of your being.

When it comes to supernatural healing there are no formulas but there are Biblical principles.  Join us as we study the scriptures, pray together and believe God for the miracle you need.

A Promise From God’s Word For You
PSALM 103:1-5  “Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me bless Your Holy Name.  Bless the Lord, O my soul, and remember all His benefits: Who forgives all your sins; Who heals all your diseases; Who redeems your life from destruction; Who crowns you with His lovingkindness and tender mercies; Who satisfies your heart with good things so your strength is renewed like the eagle’s.”

We believe the salvation of a lost soul is God’s greatest miracle.  However, as Psalm 103 shows, salvation includes many benefits for us: eternal life, forgiveness, deliverance, restoration, grace, unfailing love … and healing … for inner hurts and wounds and for our sicknesses and pains.  God’s salvation includes everything we need to make us whole in our spirit, soul and body.

Some Topics Covered In The Course
Why is there suffering?  God is sovereign but is He in control?  Is it God’s will to heal you?  Misunderstandings about supernatural healing:  Paul’s thorn in the flesh; Job’s experience. Healing of your emotions and inner hurts and wounds.  Roadblocks to healing.  Faith and the medical profession.  Two kinds of faith.   How to increase your faith.  How to receive a miracle.  How to keep your healing. Spiritual warfare. How can you tell if it’s God or Satan?  How to pray for miracles for yourself and others. How can Jesus’ Name and Blood help me today?  God’s answer for broken hearts and broken bodies.   How to stand in victory.

Jane’s Personal Experiences of Healing
Fibromyalgia/Food Allergies: I suffered greatly from the pain of fibromyalgia and so many food allergies I was almost afraid to eat. I read the healing verses every day for about 6 weeks. Then I was dramatically healed while sitting in a church service. The power of God went through my body like electricity.  After the service I immediately ate foods I had been allergic to and there was no reaction and the pain in my body was totally gone. Praise God!

Heart Valve: I was diagnosed with a heart problem: mitral valve prolapse.  One of the symptoms was a very irregular heartbeat.  Without medication my heart would not keep a rhythm for more than 3 beats in a row.  The doctor said it put me at risk of sudden death. I started reading the healing scriptures until one day a verse came alive in my spirit.  God’s healing power manifested in my body and I was completely healed. My doctor has ultrasounds showing the defective valve and the same valve working normally.  God’s Word works!

The Lord doesn’t have favourites.  All the wonderful, supernatural healing He’s brought to my broken heart & broken body is available to everyone who believes!
This course will:

  • Equip you with the truth of God’s Word
  • Build your faith to believe for the impossible
  • Reveal the compassionate heart of our Lord
  • Teach you how to pray for yourself and your loved ones
  • Help you draw closer to Jesus and experience His Presence

Because drawing closer to Jesus is the answer for our every need!



Testimonies From Attendees Of The Course

Testimony – M: I have so enjoyed the teaching sessions and learned so much.  The prayer times have been meaningful and I have been touched by the Lord.  I had so much damage and pain in my knee that the doctor was talking about needing a knee replacement.  The pain was so severe, it kept me awake at night.  I could no longer bend down. But now my knee is completely healed!  I sleep through the night, I can bend down again and I’ve been able to return to some sports I enjoy like skiing.  I’m so thankful to God!

Testimony – G:  We have been so blessed being the in Healing Course.  My husband and I received many gems from your teaching: it is very clear, balanced in content and delivery but most significantly, grounded in scripture.  It has been the most enlightening teaching we’ve received on healing and spiritual warfare.  The Holy Spirit revived us to new expectancies, praying and believing as we have never done before.  We are so grateful to God for Jane and Emil:  for your faithfulness, obedience and for bringing light and truth to the hurting and suffering.

Testimony – M:  This woman had some paralysis in her body.  Each week she left feeling stronger. On the last night the Lord set her free from an issue that had kept her in bondage and tormented her. She exclaimed several times:  “In 3 years I’ve never felt so clean and so peaceful and so happy.”  Thank You, Jesus.

Testimony – S:  During the first weeks this woman was so oppressed that you could see the heaviness on her heart. Every week the Lord ministered to her in the prayer times.  On the last night as I was praying for her, I saw a picture of her bent over with grief and sorrow.  She had shared with me but never mentioned any grief.  I went ahead and began to pray along the lines of the picture.  She stopped me and shared how she had a miscarriage 2 years ago and feels she has never gotten over it.  I continued to pray for the Lord to remove her grief and replace it with His joy.  By the end of the prayer time you could visibly see the difference in her face.  It was probably the first time I saw her really smile.  She was so happy and looked so much lighter.  God is so good!

Testimony – D:  I’ve had headaches almost every day for 3 months because of head trauma and they have gone.  The pain in my arm was removed.  I was drawn so much closer to God. The Lord took this broken and somewhat lost person and has begun an amazing transformation within me. This Healing Course is a must for everyone wanting to walk closer with Jesus and experience His love and healing power.

Testimony – C:  I learned the difference in types of prayer which I hadn’t realized before.  I feel like my eyes are being opened to God and Jesus in a different way. Thank You, Lord.

Testimony – B:  This young man was a confessing skeptic who was filled with questions and stood apart from the prayer times each night.  On the last night he testified:  “Something has become very clear to me.  I get it now.  I’ve been asking and asking God for some things but I see now that I already have them!  Jesus has already done the work on the cross!  I need to stop begging and just believe God’s Word.  I just need to walk in what’s already mine!”   He was so joyful as he spoke these words of faith and thanksgiving to the Lord.

Testimony – L:  A woman came who was very downcast and brokenhearted.  As we were sharing at the altar I said:  “The years you have left on earth are just a drop in the bucket compared to eternity.”  A look of surprize came across her face.  Apparently, when she was in prayer a few weeks earlier she saw a picture of a bucket and one drop of water fell into it. Since then she had been asking God what it meant … even googling the phrase.  She exclaimed:  “Now I know what it means!  This is the Lord!”  As we prayed, more phrases and images were given by God that He has already put into her heart days and weeks before.  This woman who was so downcast when we began was transformed into a woman full of joy and purpose.  She was shouting and laughing with joy because the Lord had spoken to her and released her from all her fears and doubts.  God’s amazing grace!

Testimony – S:  I was able to forgive people that I thought were impossible to forgive.  Months after the Course my son became seriously ill.  I’m so thankful I took the Healing Course.  If this had happened to my son before, I would have started doubting and been questioning why God was doing this to my son.  But now I know the Scriptures.  The first thing I stated was:  I know God has not made my son sick.  I knew it was not God’s will.  That gave me peace and strength as we prayed God’s Word and believed for a miracle. (My son was healed!)

Testimony – N:  This young man was in a very bad state:  he suffered anxiety, fears and such severe insomnia that he could no longer work.  When we prayed for him, Jesus beautifully baptized him in the Holy Spirit and gave him a special prayer language.  About 2 weeks later he emailed to say he was able to sleep and able to go back to work.  He was excited that the Lord was “restoring my life!”  Praise God!


  • I received healing for my broken heart and lots of truth and encouragement.
  • I realized I was misunderstanding scripture but now I see the truth. .
  • More appreciation of the power of God’s Word and the Lord’s finished work on the cross.
  • I finally got answers to many questions I had about healing. And, I learned how to pray “effectively,”
  • I came to this Course with great expectations and I was not disappointed.
  • I loved the teaching and learned a lot.  It was very easy to understand and I related to Jane’s experiences.
  • I have learned to turn to God when I’m sad or hurt
  • My faith has been increased to believe miraculous healing is still possible today.
  • I received blessings & healing from my Lord Jesus Christ: I don’t feel any more symptoms from the sickness.
  • How the power of God’s Word can be used and be effective in battling the power of Satan and his demons.
  • I’ve been really struggling at work (which is a Christian organization) and this Course not only helped me but gave me the tools to help my co-workers who were also struggling.

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